I am Associate Professor at the Computer Science Department, University of Pisa, Italy. I lived in London but I am a “global soul” and have been living in Italy, Spain and US. I am the son of a blacksmith, but thereafter all pretensions of manual skills end. I began my career as a bearded computer scientist at Sapienza – University of Rome and then, after an industrial experience in IBM and Silicon Graphics, moved on with my career in research. I was visiting researcher at the Xerox PARC where I was appreciated for my skills in neural networks (Multilayer Perceptrons) and as peanut butter and chocolate biscuits eater. I worked as associate professor (and Spanish tapas aficionado) at the University Carlos III of Madrid. I was senior lecturer at Brunel University London for five years where I was teaching and playing videogames. From 2017 I joined the University of Professor of User Experience Design  and distinguished speaker of the ACM (the international Association for Computer Machinery);

My research and teaching interests focus on Human-Centred Systems. I am interested in Human-Centred AI and Design Fictions.

In my role at University of Pisa, I am keen to develop novel approaches and attract funding for improve scientific methods to study Human-Artificial Intelligence Interaction.