Can academics still make a difference in CS Research compared to Companies Research labs?

It seems the chicken and egg problem: given the incredible amount of resources companies like Google, Microsoft, or Facebook invest in Computer Science does the research CS faculties do actually make a difference? What if universities hadn’t launched some of these companies, would the same innovations have emerged at such companies? Find out more in this interesting article written by David Karger and appeared on the Haystack blog of MIT CSAIL group [ARTICLE]

Somehow part of the discussion is in line with an article me and Kai Olsen wrote on new tools and new ways of disseminating software:  Alessio Malizia, Kai A. Olsen, “Has Everything Been Invented? On Software Development and the Future of Apps,” Computer, vol. 44, no. 9, pp. 112, 110-111, Sept., 2011


Via MIT Parents Association