Digital Revolution Exhibition: celebrating digital creativity.

Voula Gkatzidou

One of my fondest childhood memories is Tetris – a Soviet tile-matching puzzle game, which has incidentally turned 30 this year. I have heartwarming memories of playing Tetris in the school yard on my Nintendo, humming away its theme song to myself while starting at the screen transfixed.

Those were the years of  Commodores, Ataris and Gameboys and I still remember the overpowering sense of pride when I wrote my first BASIC program. CLS

A lot of things have changed since then but if you want to take a trip down memory lane, you can visit the Digital Revolution exhibition at the Barbican, in London. As the name suggests, this one is for the lovers of all things digital, HCI enthusiasts, retro gamers, computer geeks, techies, to pretty much anyone who has an interest in digital technologies or enjoys an interactive and immersive exhibition.

Digital revolution is a celebration of the creativity that…

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