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Where do Cars Go at Night? A children’s book of the future

Voula Gkatzidou

The research lab of moovel Group GmbH is addressing the question of how autonomous driving will change our mobility, and illustrates possible scenarios for the future

‘Where do Cars Go at Night’ is a book that teaches children what self-driving cars do at night.

The illustrated book tells the story of a day in the life of the self-driving car ‘Carla-15’. During the daytime, Carla-15 and her car friends carry people from A to B. At nighttime, they do shopping, sweep the streets, and water plants in the park. These examples illustrate how, through fleet management and advanced sensor technology, self-driving cars could be used in new fields and relieve the burden on cities. As an electric vehicle in a car-sharing fleet, Carla refuels at the charging station after her work is done.


Source: Moovel Lab

CARLA-15’s story shows of how life will change once autonomous vehicles are an everyday…

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Customer-centred interaction Ford’s style

Ford’s embarks on a quest to remake itself into a Customer-Experience guru [ARTICLE]

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Has everything been Invented?On the future of Apps

I have just realised that Vicent Cerf recently published a piece on Apps and the Web    that is quite related to a previous paper I wrote on Inventions discussing the future of Apps with Prof. Kai Olsen.


On the importance of humans in making sense of data, not just as producers of data

Nice article in Interaction magazine on the “human algorithms” for Internet of Things [ARTICLE]



Creativity can hinder innovation

What facilitates creativity can hinder innovation and the other way round. Nice article on teamwork research in innovation and creativity [ARTICLE]


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A good guide to online tools for customer experience research and testing

Nice post on Box and Arrows listing and making sense of online tools for: user testing, customer feedback and Web analytics [READ ARTICLE]


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