Projects & Videos


Throughout my career I have demonstrated my abilities in securing external funding through research grants or contracts both within UK Research Council, EU programme funding scheme and industries. I have contributed in writing proposal and fund rising in 1 EPSRC project, 3 EU projects, 4 National Spanish projects funded by Ministry of Innovation, 1 project with Jaguar Land Rover in UK and 5 projects with industries among Italy and Spain; I have been also the leader (PI) of: 2 projects funded by the Norwegian National Research Council and 1 founded by EU regional funding for Italy.

Recent Projects

EPSRC grant for research project entitled Design Assistant for Semantic Comparison of Intellectual Property (DASCIP). This £266,875 project is funded by the EPSRC – Manufacturing the Future programme. The project duration id 18 months starting November 2015. The Brunel research team is: PI – Dr Mark Atherton (Design Engineering), Co-I Dr Alessio Malizia (Computer Science) and Co-I Professor David Harrison (Theme Leader of Design for Sustainable Manufacture).  [READ MORE]


Here you can find my list of my recent projects (check Publications for details)

  • SocialStory: A Multidimensional and Social Storyboard System for Sharing Experiences. In this project we present Social Story – aka Emergency Rewinds, a social platform for helping people to retrieve and filter materials available on the Internet and to compose and share personal experiences. [TRAILER][VIDEO TUTORIAL]
  • TESIS: Turn Every Surface into an Interactive Surface. TESIS is a portable device for converting any surface into an interactive surface. A pico projector and a depth- sensing camera are mounted, on a dedicated stand, above (or in front of) the surface. The projector is connected to a computing device (e.g. a mobile phone or laptop) to display the user interface. The depth-sensing algorithm first generates a model of the touch surface and then computes touch inputs depending on the distance from this surface. [VIDEO]
  • Don’t Touch Me: multi-user annotations on a map in large display environments. In this project we explore the use of Nintendo Wii Remote controller as a touchless interface for interacting with map based applications in large displays environments. A prototype (Don ́t Touch Me) was developed that allows users to collaborative place multimodal annotations on a map: pictorials, auditives and haptics. [VIDEO]
  • Building Citizens Emergency Preparation and Response Capacity through Web 2.0 Tools. In this project we developed a new web mashup system for helping people and professionals to retrieve information about emergencies and disasters. [VIDEO]
  • UIA4SIGE: Usability, Interoperability and Accessibility for Emergency Response Information Systems. In this project, we designed an ontology-based system for managing emergency alert notifications. Our purpose was to generate emergency alerts that are accessible to different kinds of people, paying special attention to more vulnerable collectives like impaired people. [VIDEO]