Latest Publications

  • V. Gentile, A. Malizia, S. Sorce, A. Gentile, “Touchless Gestural Interfaces for Networked Public Displays: Overcoming Interaction Blindness and Performing Evaluations In-The-Wild”. Proceedings of PD-APPS 2015 – Workshop at the 2015 ACM International Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing (UbiComp 2015), September 8, 2015, Osaka, Japan.
  • Ramm, S., Giacomin, J., Robertson, D., Malizia, A. (2014). “Drivers’ in depth descriptions of automotive interaction: What features and situations feel ’natural’ and why?”. Proceedings of Automotive UI 2014, the 6th International Conference on Automotive User Interfaces and Interactive Vehicular Applications, Seattle, USA, September 17th – 19th, ACM.
  • Andrea Bellucci, Alessio Malizia, Ignacio Aedo: “Light on horizontal interactive surfaces: input space for tabletop computing”, ACM Computing Surveys, vol. 46, issue n.3 (September 2014). ISSN 0360-0300, 2014.
  • T. Onorati, A. Malizia, P. Díaz and I. Aedo, “Modelling an ontology on accessible evacuation routes for emergencies”, Journal of Expert Systems with Applications. Elsevier. Issue 41(16): pp. 7124-7134, 2014.
  • Alessio Malizia, David Diez, Paloma Diaz, Ignacio Aedo and Luca Lupo: “A Mixed Interaction Platform for Supporting Collaborative Crisis Storytelling”, in Journal of Interaction Design and Architecture – special issue on “Culture of Participation in the Digital Age Empowering – End Users to Improve their Quality of Life”. pp. 44-57, n. 18, Autumn 2013. ISSN 1826-9745, 2013.
  • Alessio Malizia, Kai Olsen: “Toward a New Search Paradigm – Can We Learn from Ants?”, IEEE Computer, Computer, pp. 89-91, May, 2012. ISSN 0018-9162, 2012.
  • Pierluigi Crescenzi, Alessio Malizia, M. Cecilia Verri, Paloma Diaz, Ignacio Aedo: “Integrating Algorithm Visualization Video into a First-Year Algorithm and Data Structure Course”, Journal of Educational Technology & Society, Volume 15, Issue 2, ISSN 1436-4522, 2012.
  • Alessio Malizia and Andrea Bellucci: “The Artificiality of Natural User Interfaces”, Communications of the ACM 55, 3 (March 2012), 36-38, ISSN 0001-0782, 2012.
  • Kai Olsen, Alessio Malizia: “Interfaces for the ordinary user – can we hide too much?”, Communications of the ACM 55, 1 (January 2012), 38-40, ISSN 0001-0782, 2012.
  • Pierluigi Crescenzi, Alessio Malizia, M. Cecilia Verri, Paloma Diaz, Ignacio Aedo: “On Two Collateral Effects of Using Algorithm Visualizations”, British Journal of Educational Technology Volume 42, Issue 6, pages 145Ð147, November 2011, ISSN 1467-8535, 2011.
  • Alessio Malizia, Andrea Bellucci, Paloma Diaz, Ignacio Aedo and Stefano Levialdi: “eStoryS: a visual Storyboard System supporting back-chanin communication for emergencies”, Journal of Visual Languages and Computing, Vol. 22, n.2, pp. 150-169, Elsevier. April 2011.

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